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ElectroNation Music Festival

Danu5ik recently arrived in Edmonton Canada in preparation for the Electro Nation that will be held at Northlands Coliseum. For Danu5ik making music is about giving. The 2016 IMEA -winner electronic dance music icon offered up his greatest gift yet in the form of his fourth full-length album named Day Light/Dark Night. That's saying a lot considering his track record as the latest upcoming DJ.

However, Danu5ik now possesses a desire to raise the bar yet again with album number five for 2017 and he is currently in Edmonton preparing for one of the largest festivals of 2017, the Electro Nation Music Festival.

"I never had the chance to work with such amazing talents covering so many different areas” he says. “This year is going to be amazing for electronic music and Edmonton and I feel honoured to work with the Edmonton Expo Centre, Virgin Radio, HOT 107 and so many more. As soon as I met with the teams involved, I knew that Edmonton was the right place to be. My goal is to make the best music I can and to spread it as far as possible all over the world. They're opening the door for me to do that."

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