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Danu5ik An upcoming international DJ/producer from England, Danu5ik” (pronounced Danusik) is quickly becoming one of the music industry's most versatile and sought after talents.


Proud to be a true and committed artist in the music world, Danu5ik is a gifted musician, writer, DJ, producer, and performer. his music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates his audience.

Danu5ik performs at various locations globally and he has compiled an outstanding collection of original songs that continue to allure audiences with his intoxicating style. Danu5ik is a blast of fresh air right into your ears.

His most famous quotes are “Music is Life” and “There is no greater form of magic than music that cleans your soul.”  


Danu5ik dreams of one day performing for packed houses in New York, Los Angeles, London’s O2 and Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Centre and all places between. In the meantime, he will continue to bring smiles to the faces of partygoers from across the globe who flock to his performances.

DJ Danu5ik
DJ Danu5ik
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